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Date:2018-06-07 22:18
Mood: excited

 I am mesmerized by the volcano. Each night I spend time checking in with a range of lava videos, including some local residents who are documenting their experiences. The USGS, civil defense, mainstream news AND once in a while an offering from the prepper clans, ever ready for the apocalyptic. 

It's devastating, it's haunting, it's magnificent, it's terrifying. Some vids are terse and informational, some poetic, and sometimes helicopter shots without narration are just right. It's been amazing to watch this place transform, a fiery fountain just casually emerging in a tranquil neighborhood! This 'fissure 8' is on its way to becoming a new mountain. 
here are some favorites.

The first three post something every day. 

This dawn hangout with Scott of Apau Hawaii Tours:

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